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The only service in Australia with support from local parents who have successfully completed gender selection.

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Bradford Kolb, MD, FACOG

As a Medical Director and President of HRC Fertility, Dr. Kolb is internationally known for his extremely high pregnancy success rates and work regarding gender selection. He has helped over 2,000 Australians complete their families since 2004.

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Globally Exceptional Success Rates

Meet Your Local Support Team

Kolb Fertility Australia is the first and only gender selection service that offers local Australian support from parents (Hayley and Graeme) who have successfully experienced family building themselves and can guide other parents throughout the entire process.

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How Does Gender Selection Work?

Preimplantation genetic screening (PGS), which is performed during the IVF procedure, also allows for gender selection or family balancing.

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TLC Payment Plan Now Available!

Kolb Fertility Australia, through our trusted partner TLC is able to offer our patients financing programs for the fertility treatments they will need to get pregnant and choose the gender of your next child. TLC has financing options to meet almost everyone’s budget. With their easy loan process and competitive low rates, don’t let finance be an obstacle to completing your family dreams.

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