After multiple attempts, we are thrilled to hear that the same-sex marriage bill passed in the Australian Parliament late last year. As Anna Brown, the co-chair of the Equality Campaign said after the bill initially passed in the Senate, “Today is a huge victory for love, for equality and fairness, for the yes campaign and indeed all Australians who voted yes in support of [LTBTI] Australians, our equality and our dignity.”

We have long supported LGBTQ families at Kolb Fertility, making sure their individual needs are met with understanding, care and respect. In response to the ruling in Australia, Dr. Kolb notes that LGTBQ people will now have even more opportunities to be transparent in society and, if they desire, embark on their family-building journeys with greater legal support.”
Dr. Kolb is a founder of the HART Program for HIV-positive men seeking to have biological children and is the CEO and Executive Director of Love Comes First, a non-profit dedicated to promoting awareness of LGBTQ families.

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