In response to the National Health and Medical Research Council’s decision to uphold the ban on gender selection in Australia, Kolb Fertility feels that parents should have the right to choose family balancing in their own country.  Says Dr. Kolb, “Banning gender selection in Australia may even encourage families to have multiple children when that is not the original goal.”

Gender selection is a straightforward procedure that can be performed during in vitro fertilization (IVF) with preimplementation genetic screening (PGS).  This is done by safely extracting a single cell from each embryo prior to transfer.

Since gender selection or family balancing is legal in the US, Kolb Fertility has served many families from Australia and New Zealand with one of the highest rates of pregnancy success.  With local support in Australia, our goal is to make sure the entire journey—not just the procedure itself—is as convenient and stress free as possible.

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