Intended parents are guided through each step with help of local support in Australia

Process + Pricing

The entire team at Kolb Fertility will work to make the process for intended parents is as easy and seamless as possible.


  1. A free phone consultation with Graeme and/or Hayley to discuss all the steps in detail followed by as many subsequent conversations as needed.
  2. A free consultation with Dr. Kolb by either phone or Skype.
  3. A highly experienced nurse from Dr Kolb’s Team is personally assigned to all parents.
  4. A list of preliminary tests is provided and, once completed in locally, the results are sent back to Dr. Kolb for review.
  5. Dates of travel and procedure are discussed so that flights and accommodation in Pasadena, CA can be booked for a stay of approximately 13 to 14 days.

Note: IVF Treatment can be started with an obstetrician in Australia or New Zealand under Dr. Kolb’s guidance.


Preconception Assessment

History and Physical Exam
Gynecological Exam and Ultrasound
Blood Tests
Semen Analysis

IVF Process

Treatment Consultation
Hormonal Stimulation
Egg Monitoring
Egg Retrieval
Semen Collection
Fertilization and Embryo Culture
Embryo Transfer
Freezing of Excess Healthy Embryos


Extensive packages with Dr. Kolb start at $15,500* and include:

  • Unlimited consultations and access to Kolb Fertility Australia team (Graeme and Hayley) with first-hand experience of gender selection.
  • 1:1 Free consultation with Dr Kolb.
  • Dedicated personal nurse.
  • Monitoring, ultrasounds and blood work at Dr. Kolb’s clinic at HRC.
  • Access to local networks of IVF pharmacies and obstetricians.
  • Egg retrieval and embryo fertilisation.
  • PGS for 12 embryos to choose the gender and screen for over 200 diseases.

*Includes $1.000 USD Smile Promotion discount. Terms and conditions apply.